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7 Top Tips For Training Your Dog in Greenville, South Carolina
Congratulations for bringing your brand new puppy or pet dog home. Congratulations! Congratulations! To ensure that you are your best friends for the rest of your lives, you will need to establish boundaries and rules. Before we start with our puppy tips, here's some advice. Don't let your puppy be annoyed. He'll do his best. Pets naturally want to satisfy their owners, so be gentle and patient during this often stressful time. It will all pass. If you decide to go this route there are numerous lessons and suggestions you can follow that will assist you in your journey. It is recommended to spay/neuter your puppy as soon as they're older enough. This makes them more calm and less aggressive. They are also more likely to be able to learn Dog Body Language. You can better predict the behaviour of your puppy and determine how they react to situations that are new.

Tip 1) Start Early
The earlier you begin the earlier, the better. Many people believe this should be done when your puppy is house-broken. Many people believe that the puppy will be overwhelmed by all the lessons. But your dog is much smarter then you might think. You'll be amazed by how much your dog will remember. Basic obedience will aid the house process. Basic obedience will teach your puppy what is acceptable behavior sooner than later. It will be much easier to correct your puppy's undesirable behavior. Puppy's are curious and always learning, even as they are young dogs. This is the ideal opportunity to give lessons to your puppy and teach him. Don't forget to have a look at the top rated Dog Trainers Greenville SC for more.


Tip 2) Select The Name Of Your Dog Be Careful
There's more to picking the name of your pet than people are aware of. It is a good idea to think of a shorter name that has a strong consonant such as "Bully", "Jackie", or "Fido". These names will allow your pet to be able to hear it clearly, especially when you make sure to emphasize the ending. While a dog who is older might already be familiar with its name, you don't have to change it if you adopt one from a shelter. Sometimes, shelter workers or dog breeders will give pets temporary names. Sometimes, new names can provide dogs with a new start particularly if they're recovering from violent circumstances. Dogs are adaptable. Give your pet a new name and use it repeatedly. They will be able to respond. Old or new, your pet should be associated with fun, positive and amusing things. For instance, don't make use of the dog's name to scold him/her, use it when you praise also. Dogs must learn to connect their names as they would be able to associate "walk" or "dinner."

Tip 3) Teach Your Puppy/Dog To Come When Called
The art of teaching your dog to come when called (to respond to you calling their name) is a command that must be mastered first and foremost. This helps you establish your status as an alpha. Remind him to get down to your level. Make sure to use your dog's name whenever you call. Make a big fuss about your dog coming to you. Utilize positive reinforcement as well as his/her name again. It could be, "Come here Bully," and when you arrive, "Good Boy Bully," and then do to repeat it when he's engaged in other things. You'll see the advantages of teaching this phrase to your child at an early age in his life. Don't forget to check out the top rated Dog Training Greenville SC for recommendations.


Tip 4) Reward Good Behavior
Positive reinforcement can be utilized to encourage good behavior in your dog or puppy. Use praise, treats, toys and love. When he does it right be sure to tell him. Do not reward poor behaviour. Dogs are food motivated which is why small treats can be a wonderful way to train your dog to follow various commands. Victoria Stilwell, a British dog trainer and trainer, is a strong proponent of reinforcement through positive methods. You can learn more about her methods on her website, Positively.

Tip 5) Give Your Dog a Private Den
A dog is entitled to its own space or room. Your pup or dog must have a place to sleep that is his or hers from the beginning. He'll be happy to be alone in his den for short durations. Reward him for being calm and relaxed. The den in your home, usually something like a crate, can be a useful tool to train your housekeeper. Don't forget to check out the best Dog Trainers Greenville SC for examples.


Tip 6) New Home for Puppy/Dog
Warm water bottles and an alarm clock with a ticking sound are the best gifts to give your puppy upon his return. It'll imitate the warmth and heartbeat of his littermates and it will help to ease him into his new home. This will aid him in sleeping at night and during the day. This may be even more important for a puppy from a busy, loud shelter that's had a rough beginning. You and your dog can both benefit from what you do to help him adjust to his new surroundings.

Tip 7) Establish House Rules Immediately
It is up you to determine what your pet's rights are and can't do. Can they let him use the furniture? Can he rest in the bed you design? Are certain areas in your home restricted? If the rules are set early, you can avoid confusion for both of you. You should be firm in your rules and ensure that your family supports them. They can cause confusion for you as well as your dog. If, for instance, your children feed the dog food scraps however, you do not, the dog will respond with mixed signals. The behavior of your dog is likely to reflect that. Your dog will learn to be respectful of your boundaries if you establish them early and enforce them with compassion.

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